We use a team approach to work closely with referring OB/GYN physicians to diagnose and treat high-risk pregnancies. We are committed to providing individualized, targeted care to obtain the best possible results for mother and baby.

At High-Risk Pregnancy Center of Kansas City, we are honored to treat the patients of referring physicians. We realize any referral reflects your own care, so we appreciate your confidence.

To expedite patients being contacted and appointments scheduled, it is helpful for you to provide us with:

    • Service Request Form filled out in entirety
    • Demographics and insurance information
    • Prenatal/medical records
    • Prenatal labs, especially genetic testing results
    • Ultrasound reports, if applicable

Please fax the Service Request Form to (877) 670-9432.

Upon receipt of the above, our staff will contact your patient to schedule an appointment. We will be sure to notify your office of your patient’s appointment status with us, e.g., scheduled date, missed, etc.

Be sure to provide our Preparation/Instruction Sheet to your patient.

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